This section includes operating instructions Do’s and Don’ts. Please read to the bottom.

The Squashlight was granted a Patent on the 19th of January 2019 GB2555095

After a lifetime in engineering having worked on many technical projects on the shop floor I came up with a solution to a problem that has dogged engineers for a lifetime. 

The ability to train a light accurately on a problem in the most confined space. Historically we have had to arrange cumbersome lights. Lead lights with cables. Torches that just won’t stay in position. Head light’s that move with your head, not staying on the exact point you need to see. When you finally think you have the light problem solved you are instantly working in your own shadow.

The simple but effective solution was to produce a light that could be trained on the exact spot easily without power cables or bulky stands. Often the area you need to see is not easily accessible with normal torches, being deep in engines, under flooring, flight decks and undercarriage bays. The obvious crossover to Automotive, industrial and handy man use can be made.  


Squashlight is the solution. Manufactured to exacting standards from a polyurethane polymer. The sphere is designed with a stepped hole through the middle. Specifically to accept  the squashlight torch that has a matching step machined in its body, which means it is locked in position so cannot inadvertently fall out into critical areas. The Squashlight torch is manufactured from Aerospace grade aluminium 6063 and anodised Black. It is water resistant to IPX4. It uses a powerful 120 Lumen LED light and one AA battery. Its on/off button is on the rear of torch body. The Squashlight torch can be removed from the ball to be cleaned or used as a stand alone torch. 

It is important that the Squashlight is used in a correct and safe way. It must be kept out of any oil, fuels any type of solvent or thinners. If contaminated with oil, fuels or solvents the Squashlight ball must be cleaned immediately with warm soapy water. It must be kept away from any heat source and used only in ambient air temperatures. BEWARE Anything thats too Hot to touch, is TOO hot.